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Brown-Eyed Girl

I was nervous, as one might be before a first date. That it was my first first date in almost 20 years probably added to the nervousness. When she finally appeared and we shared the perfunctory hug, I was still nervous. As we walked to the car, I was still nervous. As I gave her the three different coloured roses and explained the meaning of each, I was a bit less nervous.

On our second date, she told me that she always knew on the first date whether it was "yes" or "no", but with me, she hadn't. I asked her how it had worked out with those who had been a "yes". We were on a date, so the question was somewhat rhetorical. By the end of our second date, she still didn't know about me. I took that as a good thing, because I wanted to.

Our third date did not go exactly as planned. We were "asked" to sit with the rabble, the squirrels went hungry, I had to call for a boost, and she defied a personal tradition. It must have answered the question for her, because we never had a fourth date; spending the weekend together with our kids was not considered a date. I was nervous about that, too. Very nervous, for various reasons. I needn't have been, for any of them. All in all, it was the best fourth date ever.

* * * * *

I spent almost a year wandering around a strange town, more than a little inspired by a modern fairy tale there, fully expecting to find my treasure among the pyramids. Once or twice, I thought I might could have, and even threw caution to the wind, but no. What I did find was the path to somewhere I had not been for a very long time - my self. Only after I discovered the treasure that had been sleeping there could I follow the signs to the one waiting under the blue sycamore tree. 

* * * * *

First I had to be alone so that I could learn how to not be lonely. Then I had to be lonely so that I could want to not be alone. Now I don't have to be either.

The End


Just Me said...

Dear Legacy, now that you have made the return journey from the pyramids to the blue sycamore tree and claimed your treasure that was always yours but was waiting for you to understand your aloneness first, and then your loneliness, i wish you many precious days ahead with your brown-eyed girl.

On another note, the journey is never over, maybe another desert, another forest, who knows? There's a poem I read today, I will post it in the Bar later,and I am sure you will know why.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Dear Legacy,
This Post is almost like an Epilogue or maybe it is. So I feel like I am reading a novel from the last page and working my way to the first chapter.

But it's lovely anyway and reminds me of an old quote from Richard Bach:
"It is by not always thinking of yourself, if you can manage it, that you might somehow be happy. Until you make room in your life for someone as important to you as yourself, you will always be searching and lost."

It takes someone really special to allow them enough room in our life and own it. They are special enough to feel vulnerable again.

The Book of Drachma said...

Legacy, it's actually a pleasure getting to know you. Now I'm sure you're familiar with Shrek's analogy that he is like an onion, with multiple layers, but I would submit that you are more like an artichoke, with the outer layers a bit prickly,but containing just a hint of something more wonderful deep on the inside.
Just saying!

Kate Mohler said...

Yay! I love this post! How inspiring and lovely. I'm so happy for you. clapclapclapclap :-)

NYC AD said...

Love it. Miss you Legacy...

angela said...