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The Stranger

It's hard to believe it's been five years. Hard to believe it's been that long, and hard to believe that's all it's been. So much of it is still as fresh in my memory as if it were a month or two ago, yet it all seems like a couple of lifetimes ago, which surely must be much longer than five years. Time is a funny thing.

In any case, there I was, and here I am, and no realm of possibility allows me to imagine one without the other; that moment inevitably brought me to this one. As someone I used to be liked to say, "Everywhere I have been has brought me to where I am." It was one of those sorts of profound thoughts that we liked to impress ourselves with as we discovered the secrets of the power of the mysteries of the Universe. Or maybe that was just me.

Is it just me, or does Gotye look a bit like Mr Gold/Rumpelstiltskin? Must be the hair.

Back on topic, now it's just some place that I used to go, like a neighbourhood bar long since reduced to rubble and paved over for the parking lot of a new mall. And just as I finished writing that sentence, the random YouTube mix playing in another tab sang by the time the bar closes and you feel like falling down. If you were there, you know. If you weren't, no explanation would make sense. Every Saturday night I seem to come alive for you baby. Google still freaks me out sometimes.

* * * * *

Anyways, at some point last week I thought I ought to write something to mark the occasion. Add a bout of insomnia, a YouTube mix and a box of, well, you know, and that above is what happened. Now that the day is here (and the box isn't), I realize, finally, that there is nothing left to write.



Anonymous said...

My Old Friend

There is MORE, FAR Far More to write.

(this is going to be Long but please read it all)

Do you Recall about 5 yrs ago when you started the chats and comments traded with a Whacky Smiley Face with crazy little arms?
Had a New Blog about that same time called Anything at Anytime?

as you comment in the post (paraphrase adaption here) you were talking of travels and you say "Everywhere I have been has brought me to where I am" (VERY VERY TRUE)

Sometimes in those travels we go back to where we have been and sometimes NOT by choice.
Well, I am back and it wasn't fun. I went to where I was before I started that blog and found myself going even further down that road and it brought to mind thoughts of old foggy cobble stone stoned streets that the candle lit street lamps left that soft subtle eerie glow that allowed you to see... but see only blurry shadows before and around you not knowing if they are near or far.... in ole London City where Jack roamed the streets.

Well, I am back...
May 23rd 2010 I posted rules
May 24th 2010 I Made My FIRST Official Post and You and I had our first conversation in the "Coffee Shop"

Anyway Saying I am back - I am incorporating the "Old" and bringing in a (hopefully) Whoppin bunch of NEW.... call it a 2.0 version... (recall conversations about "Hal" 2001?)

I will follow the same "format" shall we say... and on

23 May 2015 "Rules" will be posted

24 May 2015 My First Post will be up and on (crossing my fingers it will still be available)

Anything at Anytime Again

I am Laying "Easter Eggs" on and YES in a way here as Well!!! :)
if this makes it to your comments and posted I will reblog this whole thing on one of my early post and tell people I posted it here FIRST where I actually came out and "Said It!"
and I will encourage them to Look around and READ -- You have some GOOD STUFF...

there be WORDS in that head of yours

See Your Words have meaning and some People will Think.... (may not agree nor understand what you are trying to write but it will make them THINK)

Point in case:

go back - look at my description of the "road".... You CAUSED THAT...
(ya, a run on buuuuuut the THOUGHT it invoked...)

Please keep writing
if you want to contact me
find me on at @DanWins2013
or same name yahoo minus the @

Hope to hear from you and BEST of LUCK in wherever your Travels take You!!!!

Anonymous said...


Up for a game?
an interesting idea?
Up for an "Adventure" involving "Dragons" and such?
(if this works.... :))

Something that will Make those that are Truly into working the mind READ, and REALLY make them Look for answers?
Something HARD... Easy ones at times but Mixed together Hard and Easy alike with medium sprinkled in?

get to me -- would love to chat and bandy about some ideas


P.S. - Everything I have said from the previous, former, the first Comment/Announcement on this Post "The Stranger" is "Fair Game" and Anything that Follows (including All of this Post)
Every Single Word

Take an "Easter Egg" to a Whole New Level!!!